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Sirui SR-3204 / SR3004 SR Series Professional Tripod

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Sirui SR-3204 /SR 3004 SR Series Professional Tripod

The Sirui SR-3204 SR Series Professional Tripod is a 4-section support with carbon fiber legs. Each section has a twist lock that turns halfway, which unlock and enable the legs to extend and reach a maximum height of 59". With three variable leg angles and independent leg spread, the legs can completely splay out, and the tripod can have a minimum height of 4.7", which is ideal for macro or low-angle photography.

Where all the legs meet, the spider has an integrated bubble level to level out your horizon. Also, the spider has a removable top plate with a 3/8"-16 mounting stud; when the top plate is removed, it reveals a 75mm video bowl, which can accept a video fluid head of the same size, and support cameras up to 55 lb. A 1/4"-20 accessory socket is located on the side of the spider, so an arm can attach to support a video light or microphone.

SR3004 SR Alunium Series Professional Tripod

Sirui SR-3004 Aluminum Heavy Duty Tripod
20kg (44lb) Max. Load Heavy Duty
4 Sections Aluminum Leg Tubes
59.1 inch / 1500mm Max. Height
75mm Bowl Diameter

Main Features

  • Professional Tripods
  • SR Series Tripods are specially designed for the photographer who needs the maximum in stability and versatility.
  • Their compact and portable design is perfect for the photographer who needs a heavy-duty support while requiring exceptional portability.
  • The SR Series comes in several sizes and materials to meet the needs of today's most demanding photographers.
  • Multi Use Platform
  • Accessory Connecting Port
  • Multi-functional Hook
  • Adjustable Center Column Option
  • Replaceable Tripod Feet
  • Integrated Bubble Level



  • Tripod Head: NOT Included
  • Monopod Conversion Ability: NO
  • Max. Load: 20kg / 44.09lb
  • Main Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Locking Mechanism: Twist Lock
  • Number of Leg Sections: 4
  • Max. Leg Pipe Diameter: 33mm / 1.3"
  • Min. Leg Pipe Diameter: 22.2mm / 0.9"
  • Max. Height: 1500mm / 59.1"
  • Min. Height: 120mm / 4.7"
  • Folded Length: 545mm / 21.46"
  • Self Weight: 2.5kg / 5.51lb
  • Bowl Diameter: 75mm
  • Platform Diameter: 78mm
  • Connecting Screw Diameter (from Tripod Platform to Head): 3/8"
  • Bubble Level: YES


Package Content

  • Tripod
  • Original carriage bag
  • Shoulder strap
  • Steel Spikes
  • Tools
  • Instruction manual









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