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UUrig camera cage Canon M6 mark II

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UUrig camera cage Canon M6 mark II

  • Compatible with Canon EOS M6 Mark II: The cage integrates 2 cold shoe mounts, 1/4" screw and Arri positioning hole, allowing more accessibility.
  • Plenty Mounting Extension Possibilities: This camera cage allows to attach accessories such as microphone, fill light, monitor and magic arm, as well as protect your camera.
  • No Block on Camera Original Parts: Customized to compatible with Canon EOS M6 Mark II, the cage does not block the battery compartment, cable port and original flash, etc.
  • Solid Aluminum Alloy Structure: The cage is made of alluminum alloy, wearable also light weight.
  • Quick Mounting: With Arca-Swiss quick release, the cage is easy to mount on tripod.

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